“Over the Christmas period I received a very unexpected gift from a close friend Jean, which I believe was made by your self? It is a felted model of my tup Reg.

It is absolutely amazing I was completely overwhelmed by it, the level of detail is unbelievable and fantastic! I can’t believe Jean went to all that effort organising it and your talent is fantastic.  Thank you so much.

I have put him safe for now and we are going to make a display case for him to live in. And don’t worry the cats aren’t allowed in the house, but he will be on the unit (in a display case) where the dogs and kids can’t get to him.  He will be treasured for ever.”

– Jo Bull


Reg the Ryeland tup

“I ordered two specially ball gown dressed sheep & two little ones from Needle Felted Wishes. Ruth communicated with me & made sure that she was creating something really special for my 2 gifts. I am absolutely delighted at the intricate details in the beautiful silk ball gowns, their beaded little shoes, the perfect alpaca ears & mohair topknots of the sheep. They are beautiful gifts to celebrate a special occasion in my 2 adult daughters lives & I am so thrilled with them. Thank you for your craftsmanship & I highly recommend them & wish Needle Felted Wishes well with her venture!”


Deirdre Snook